Differences between turks and egyptians

This topic i create for people who interested about differences between Turkish (and Kurdish living in Turkey) and Egyptian people. Firstly it was published at my facebook page and then edited and published here at my website.

Every word in this text (as well in other my texts and topics) it is according to my personal experience. And according to my private opinion which are result of analyzing about facts recieved by my limited senses. Of course i will not say it is absolute and final truth.

As well i publish a page about Strange Egyptian traditions, behaviors and mentality (впрочем есть и пять русско-язычных статей про египетские поведенческие странности, вот первый вводный выпуск, или например, текст про лгунов и драчунов в Египте).

So in average Egyptians are more hospitable than turkish and even little more than kurdish people living in Turkey (but Egyptians always not most hospitable people on this planet — of course according to my limited opinion).

And in average among Egyptians much often can see impolite persons than among Turkish.

Egyptian males are not very love to use the beard as turkish citizens which usually far not strong muslims… I think if Egyptian men are not very strong muslim (or belong to muslim brotherhood) there are almost no chances for using the beard. But among young Turkey’s citizens (which are mostly far from Islam and shariat rules) beard are very popular.

Name Mohamed (and his versions — Muhamed, Mouhammed) are most popular name in arabic world, but far not most popular in Turkey.
I think before Atatürk’s era situation was some different. And before Atatürk’s era Mohamed was one of the most (if not most) popular names in Turkey.. Or among turks in Ottoman empire.

For Egyptian people (as well almost for all arabians) Islam it is more traditional way than for Turkish citizens (prophet Mohammed was arabian, holy Koran written in arabic language). Many Egyptians pray because it is tradition of the centuries (some time just a habit).
I think if person was not born at arabic or another muslim country/region (or muslim family) and that person decide to be muslim, most probably it will be much stronger muslim (because he choose it by himself and in age of adult).

I am not muslim, but very well know about Islam (rules, traditions, and so on) and spent more then 3 years at several muslim countries.

There is of course some more differences between egyptians and citizens of Turkey. But need to remember it… I mention just most remembering or only that which i remember.
I remind — all words is according to my experience. And other people/tourists can get some other type experience.

Links to another my texts in english can find at english version of my web-site.

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