About summary of travel experience.

Firstly — mostly words of this text below i ceate and put at my couchsurfing account (within column called «Why you in couchsurfing?») but in February of 2016 i remove it here (along with text about myself, my interests and my philosophy). Well…

During my travels sometime i meet with problem where to stay because my budget are so small. By this reason in year of 2012 i create this account https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/takliono for looking hosts and meet with several interesting individuums.

Except that couchsurfing’s experience i have experience with hospitalityclub.org (few times), hich-hicking, travels in Asia countries (south-east Asia, middle Asia, Near East, India, China), Balkans.

Total travel experience

At sum = 9 years away from my hometown (in 99% by walk & hich-hicking) since 2004 year.
Longest trip was 47 months (almost 4 years) in 2006-2010 (and in that time i didn’t use couchsurfing or website like that) through China, South-East Asia, India.

I slept many times on the streets (for example — 50% nights of 11 months in India), in houses of local regular people (not couchsurfing members) in villages and cities of Asia (especially Tajikistan, Indonesia, Georgia and all Caucasus region), with pastors and shepherds in high mountains (especially in Caucasus region).

Stay (some time just sleep) many times at:
-Churches & monasteries of Catholic, Orthodox, protestant/baptist and other chistian denominations.
-Buddhist temples/monasteries (especially Thailand , and also in India, Nepal, China, Cambodia. Laos).
-Muslim mosques and sufi sects.
-Sikh temples (Gurudvaras) in India/Malaysia.
-Some other religion organisations and temples.


 33 countries (where i spent more than 8 years). Most of them in Asia.
— About 300 caves (mostly in Thailand-Malaysia) without special equipment. Some of that caves are so big that can explore during all day (without special equipment).
25 semiactive and active volcanoes (Indonesia).
 Many strange geological formations.. One of my most favorites are Shi LIn (Stone Forest in China), Wadi Rum (in Jordan), Cappadocia in Turkey (although many of them are very touristic places).
Many high ranges and mountains (3000-4000 meters altitude) (especially in Caucasus region).
Many interesting tribes
… And so on…

Many times i was captured and checked by police and other forces. Seven times i was expelled and deported from foreign countries. But at the same time never got an deported stamp in my passport.

Life (in my my opinion) — main travel for any individuality (but cell or atom — are also individuality n my humble opinion).
Other travels inside it…

On the way of this travels (and during life too) i research about «me», inside «me» and around «me».. So, any info i try use for analyse about «me»… What is this «me»???
Who i am?. What i am??
And what is it «I am»??. Where is this feeling?? How it is happen and why???
I can share this experience with other peoples who want it.

More about my view points, interests, and so on — you can read at note «About author».

And as well ⇒ links to my english texts («english version» of this website).

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