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Для русско-язычных есть эта же статья на русском (и там больше фотографий моей морды). ← That link lead to russian text about me.

Firstly — mostly words of text below i create in 2013-14 and put at my couchsurfing profile (within columns called «About me», «My philosophy», «My interests» and some other similar) but in February of 2016 i remove it here (along with text about «Summary of my travel’s exepeiences»).

As well at that profile you can read references for me from my previous hosts and people with whom i met in some countries (direct link are — https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/takliono/references — but for reading it you need to be registred at that website).

My english are far not the best and excuse me for this poor condition… Well…

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  • Philosophy.
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    • One Amazing Thing I’ve Done.
    • What i can teach, learn, share?
    • What i can offer to people?
    • So finally at the end of this page.

About author (or «me»)

What can say more about «me»??.. Ok i will try. For now «i» can say just «I am». Or «I am nothing».. It is not very simple for «me» as for other mostly peoples on this planet…
Who is me? — it is most interesting and important question for «me»…

Name it’s just a frame (or mask).
And usually name have an influence for human (and even for animal). And most usual — owner of the name can’t imagine that how is possible for him be with other name or totally without name.

 a lot of interesting old towers and houses

In Upper Svanetia region (within Georgia) there is a lot of interesting old towers and houses.

Normally i’m not very talkative because i love silence very much. In my opinion in silence there is much more correct information than in words.

And i have not an extremal emotions (and by this reason usually i can seems some strange), because absolutely All is the Best (and i try to follow that as possible often)… Every moment and every thing are the Best.
But we (individuums) judge/think from own personal limited vision.. But it is just one of many possible positions of view… And of course, my opinion — just one of them:)))

Year by year I become more and more far from standard of modern human type… And difficult imagine what can happen finally at the end of my body life :))) (In every joke there is a some part of joke:)))

Links to my accounts in social networks

https://www.facebook.com/Stanko.Bashin — here is my facebook account.
Also, you can look to my old «legacy profile» of couchsurfing and there is also a map of my visited countries for year of 2014.

As well (ОСОБЕННО ДЛЯ РУССКОЯЗЫЧНЫХ) i have this account https://vk.com/takliono

 cloud of birds

Diuring travels sometimes i watch amazing images created by nature. For example this cloud of birds flying from one corner of the sky to another corner.


Well, i follow «impersonal philosophy» (partly about it i wrote in upper words).
It’s means there (or anywhere) are no real borders between me and rest world. No real borders between any thing and other things… Borders only in mind, and created by the mind.

All processes going thanks to all world/universe (or God) activities.. But most usual (more than 99% cases) when so called «individuum» thought he is the author of his activities. Which is NOT so correct.
If do you want more understand my words try to look one of videos here http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=advaita+ … But please don’t take it seriously:)))

In other words — all philosophies near or about non-duality (or advaita, oneness, unity) is close to me… Do NOT confuse it with teaching of «advaita-vedanta» which have more traditions and dogmas.

Advaita not belong to religion (although is close to some topics in Hindu/Buddism philosophies and even some of sufi sects)… And although for example getting the NON-duality condition — it is main purpose of all Buddhist monks.
But in fact Buddhism it is rather philosophy with rituals together with practice of meditation.

But i am not a buddist because don’t follow the rituals (but sure rituals are very interesting, colorful and beautiful). And another reason — i don’t agree with that thesis Buddha are the first person who found the correct way to happiness which buddists call meditation (in other words can call it observation, monitoring or watching).

Walking along the main road in Upper Svanetia

Walking along the main road in Upper Svanetia (within Georgia) are always interesting and full of great views. This links for my pages only in Russian language.

But as well i am NOT against this idea. As well not against any idea… The Life (and the absolute Truth) include so many variants of thing, ideas (etc, etc, …) as the white light include so many colors and shades. All of them are from white light… And i try to be not against anything and accept all what happen in my Life and in my mind:))).

I have not a strong fixations about my view points about this (or that) world — because (sure in my opinion) i not see so called strong reality.

What we see, perceive and interpret — it is only from our «personal» (and limited) senses and habits..
Reality — are not limited and not describable.

If i meet with you somewhere it’s most probably i will don’t say anything about my philosophy and view points if you don’t asked me about that or our talking do not touch that topics… But because many people asked me about my some strange unusual life style i should tell them reasons and of course something from «my private story».

Amazing Cappadocia

At one of many valleys of Cappadocia — the most amazing area of Turkey. And one of the most interesting places in whole Asia. Windows on the wall it’s a pigeon houses carved by local people for pigeons. As well there is a lot of carved houses, undeground cities, churches and other caves (this links for my pages on Russian language).


«Who is me»? — it is most interesting and important question for «me»… Who have an interest to something?. And where is the source of interest and source of any wishes???

Life (in my my opinion) — main travel for any individuality (but cell or atom — is also individuality n my humble opinion)…
Other travels inside it…

On the way of this travels (and during life too) i research about «me», inside «me» and around «me».. So, any info i try use for analyse about «me»… What is this «me»???
Who i am?. What i am??
And what is it «I AM»??. Where is this feeling?? How it is happen and why???
I can share this experience with other peoples who want it.

As well i interested to make this world some better (without alcohol/tobacco/advertising and other things which kill our time and/or our health).

unusual cafe at toristic area

It is unusual cafe at Ankara (the capital of Turkey). Inside there a lot of old things which attract the clients.

My Favorite Music, Movies & Books

Music — slow, classical, mystical… But in past in my youngr time i listen many music types — havy metal, blues, jazz, rap, many electronic music types, and so on.
Now for me WITHIN SILENCE — much more variants of sounds and information.

Books interested scientific (or anti modern science), about mystic, philosophies and religions..

Movies interested only documentary (for last 10 years).
Life it’s a main movie (in my opinion).. God is producer, we are actors. Just actors!!.

Also, i wrote at another page some more about my philosophy (combined with some traveling facts).

 multy-colored landscape as Mars

At eastern Turkey i found this multy-colored landscape. Just 300 meters away from the highway.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Well :))) … It can not be done because this continue to going on. And i still do it!
It is the LIFE!!!

Life itself as fact — are most amazing and incredible thing i ever seen and did before!!! There is NO miracles anymore… There is only some unusual things which are NOT every day appear on our way.

What i can teach, learn, share?

I like to try learning all what give me experiences from all situations — for analising about «me», who was in that situation… Anything can teach me and can teach everyone of us (if we allow it)…

What i can offer to people?

I can’t offer real anything to anyone because everyone is already have it!
Everyone have all and all belongs to him! (sure in my humble opinion and as well ALL words on this page’s info:)) And anyone resonsible for each single thing.
And from other side me (as well anyone) have nothing. Because we rent it from the God (or as you like — from the Universe for example)… So, i can offer greatest Nothing:)

So finally at the end of this page

Many people love to say «All the best!». But I prefer say transformed phrase — «All are the Best!!!» (or «All is the Best!!!»)
If we agree with that (in other words — agree with God who create this all) and if accept it then every element of Universe can help us and give us advice.

All are the Best!

As well in other words i explain some my principles.

Also, can read about «Summary of my travel’s exepeiences».

And collection of links to all other my texts on english («english version» of this website).

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