Trip around southern Persia

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  • Very beautiful Qeshm island.
  • Atomic Bushehr.
  • Old objects at Khuzestan province.

Well from Fars ostan (province) i moved to South-East direction towards Bandar-Abbas and found on the way beautiful landscapes. And decide to walk there around.

 table carved from persian stone

The table carved by nature from the stone.

Bandar Abbas (capital of Hormozgan Province)… Here i stay just evening and night and on the morning moved by ferry boat to Qeshm island.

Unique beauty of Qeshm island

It’s the biggest island at Persian gulf (although citizens of Arabian countries saying it’s Arabian gulf). Well on the Qeshm can watch a many strange geological formations. With many different shapes.

Beautiful pillars on Qeshm island

Pillars on the way from Southern shore to Northern shore of island.

The island as well are very warm in January. And medium temperature of the nights fall down to about 15-17 degree. Well it’s very warm according to central part of Iran.

I stay on the island 6 days and 5 nights. It was very amazing!! It’s almost the desert, with very rare trees and grass. On the Qeshm available unique landscapes due winds, desert climate and geology. About Qeshm i wrote much more on russian language.

Tang-e-Chahu at Qeshm island

Tang-e-Chahu. One of beautiful areas on Qeshm.

After Qeshm island i come back to Bandar Abbas and hitch-hike to West 750 km (on the way i stay 1 night at small town)…

Bushehr (the capital of Bushehr provovince). One evening and night i spent at this city where rusian specialists working at atomic station.

Then towards N-W and Ahvaz city about 420 km (on the way during five hours i vatched some strange geo-formations at 2-3 kms from main road and slept in the nearby village, locals invited me).

Beauty between Bushehr and Ahvaz

Beautiful landscapes between Bushehr and Ahvaz.

Old interesting places of Khuzestan province

Ahvaz. Big city — 1,4 mln peoples, the capital of Khuzestan ostan (province). I wish call this province Persian Arabistan because here is most of citizens are arabic people.

Here at Ahvaz is nothing old and historical. One local host me at home. That man (by name of Mohammad) not a member of any international web cite for travelers. But he invited me to house by e-mail (him request his friend whom i requested by couchsurfing website to stay at another city).

Next day Mohammad arranged for me excursion for most historical places in that Khozestan province. It was for free!. And just for me!!! Although Mohammad is a guide and sometimes organize excursions for tourists. But free excursion for me, and he spent for that about 8-9 hours!!. Plus petrol!. It was unique!

So we visit some ancient objects on the North of Khuzestan province:

Shushtar. Very magnificent old city with numerous historical places. For example, four big old bridges across the river. And many other interestng objects.

Shushtar's old bridge

One of old bridges at Shushtar.

On the West 40 km…

Choga Zambil. It should be oldest and biggest ziggurat in Iran. Now only half of this height remain — about 23 meters from original 45 meters.

More about interesting places of iranian Arabistan Khuzestan ostan i wrote on russian language.

On the N-W 30 km…

Shush. It’s a place of ancient city of Susa. Here is also tomb of Daniel prophet, old Apadana palace and ruins of ancient city. I stay here 2 nights.

museum of iranian Shush

Bronze weapons maded 3500 years ago (at that ancient Susa). At museum of Shush.

To North 30 km…

Dezful. Also ancient city. I stay here 1 night.  After that i moved to North, again to mountains area.

As well available all another links to my pages on english.

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